The eBay Curse

Trust No More has recently stumbled on multiple instances of an odd piece of modern folklore. The details change as the story pops up in the crevices of the internet, but always it involves a cursed object being sold on eBay. Sometimes the country is said to be Singapore, other times Malaysia, and other times Russia. The object itself seems to change in the telling, appearing as a rune-carved bone, an urn, or a stained sledge hammer.

The common thread seems to be that the item is sold on eBay, the buyer experiences misfortune (nightmares, mind control, terrible luck, etc.), and then resells the object, continuing the cycle.

We believe this to be a colorful fiction. However, our policy is to throw even the strangest stories into the light for better scrutiny. You never know what hides behind the details. As of yet, Trust No More has been unable to locate any current eBay listings of the supposedly cursed object, nor screenshots.

Please send us any pertinent details.

Seek the truth. Trust nothing.

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