The Murder Carpet

Historic Route 66 is now a largely nostalgic construct, the original route now broken up by modern freeways. Fragments and ghosts of this entity still exist, some as tourist destinations, others burnt-out remains. Strange artifacts remain on the trail of this once vibrant road, such as the following oddity.

The Lazy Shade Motel sits along the phantom of historic Route 66, in Bernalillo County, a ways off from Albuquerque, New Mexico. The small motel is far past its prime, but bears distinction in the sheer number of violent crimes it has hosted. Stabbings, bludgeonings, attempted drownings in bathtubs and pool — just to name a few. While murders make up a small percentage of these copious crimes, their are still an alarming number of them for such a tiny motel.

There seems to be no connection between the perpetrators. Family, lovers, strangers, even motel staff have all been involved over a span of decades. Often the perpetrators were upstanding people with no violent criminal record. Many claimed confusion as to what brought on the violence. One woman claims the connecting thread of all this murder and mayhem is a carpet.

Camila Guzman (71), retired hotel manager, says the Lazy Shade Motel was known for the hideous pattern of its carpet. “We got so many complaints,” she said, “but people cannot stop staring at it.” Guzman says both staff and visitors would sometimes complain of migraines and odd feelings after looking at the carpet for too long. “It just sort of buzzes in your head.”

The notorious carpet has since been stripped away and thrown out during renovations in 1997. Guzman saved a small square of it, which she keeps in her attic, and agreed to send us a photo. While we at Trust No More can say the pattern is indeed ugly, we did not suffer any ill effects while looking at it. Guzman tells us the effect is much diminished when seen through a photo. “It’s different when you see the pattern repeat, again and again, down a long hallway.”

Can a carefully calculated pattern trigger an extreme psychological effect in certain people? The government has used secret programs to study mind control, to create superior killers out of unknowing people — sleeper assassins who could be activated by the proper trigger (see Project MKUltra). This is well-documented fact. The government says such programs no longer exist, but how would we know? The old programs ran for decades before discovery.

Perhaps The Lazy Shade Motel was a forgotten killing floor or test site. Perhaps a pattern designed to activate a well-programmed sleeper agent would have messier effects on the minds of others. Perhaps we should worry about what the shadow state might try, using insidious fractals and patterns, on an internet with a much further reach than a dingy motel floor.

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