Tender: The Disparate Pieces

Hello again.

Tender is dangerous.

My hope is that you’ve read my other articles. My hope is that you are circulating them. Spread the word.

Tender is dangerous.

How can something insidious hide behind something so comically innocuous as a new dating website? That is precisely the best place for such a thing to hide. If you are using or plan to use Tender, be careful. Beware of what you expose yourself to. There are those of us who are disseminating the HOW’S and the WHY’S of this danger. I promise you, that information is coming.

We recently uncovered a cache of data under the label “Project Chimera”. We do not know what that is yet. The folder contains vast amounts of files and information. Each piece seems unconnected, even random. The only connecting thread is the current CEO of Tender, Malcolm Chandler. Somehow, all these disparate pieces come together into something whole for Chandler. He has a plan. I fear what it might be.

We are collating the data. In the meantime, I’d like to share one of the pieces that we have not yet identified. You’ll find the image with this article. Share it. Share it with believers and skeptics. Just share it. What is this image? What is its significance?

There is more to come. Stay safe.

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