Tiny Terror: Nanotech on the rise!

Some pills are harder to swallow than others, but when it comes to nanotech, it’s as easy as (raspberry) pie. Nanotech, including devices like microelectromechanical systems (or MEMS), started development as early as 1992, meaning there has been plenty of time for Big Brother to develop their Smart Deception agenda. We have to keep our minds sharp or risk getting fooled by the powers that seek to control us. This miniature terror is gaining traction in the free market whether you like it or not!


You may ask: What applications could they use this tech for anyway? In 2015 the sleeping tech giant IBM announced their functional nano chips measured at a mere 7 nanometers, completely undetectable to the human eye. We know better than to trust this kind of technology. Devices like this can be implanted in ANYTHING: Cellphones, in the air we breathe; even your favorite Saturday morning breakfast cereal! Everything is fair game when it comes to nanotech. We must remain vigilant. Wash your produce and avoid processed foods at all costs, or risk being monitored closer than ever before by the powers-that-be!

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