Blood Moon: A Heavenly Body Abused

If you looked outside into the dark void on this past Sunday night, you would have seen what the mainstream media likes to call a “Super Blood Moon”. You might have noticed, while gazing on this supposedly beautiful celestial object in our sky, that it wasn’t quite as magical as you were told it would be. It was exactly as visually wonderful as you expected, but something was off. Why was that?

Well, we wouldn’t be talking about it on Trust No More if nothing was wrong with how it was being represented.

This is why we need to stay on our toes and be sceptical about what those at the top of society tell us! They dismiss biblical prophecy about the moon as nonsense through careful phrasing, while turning such an important spiritual and historical event into a mindless moment of enthrallment for the masses to enjoy as pure secular fun.

Those under the Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn signs should take note of changes in their lives that correspond with this heavenly milestone. Ignore the frivolous reports from the media. Use this occasion as a moment of spiritual awakening. Take back your own inner power. The media can’t take that from you.

Trust no one but yourself.

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