Tender: Paranoia Rising

Hello again.

Another week and more digging into the rabbit hole that is Tender and Project Chimera. As of writing this article, over 219,000 people have already signed up for the new dating app. A contact gave me a leaked employee memo that says Tender will give access to its platform as early as February.

Things are getting scary. My phone keeps ringing (UNKNOWN NUMBER), and when I answer, there is no reply. I’ve stopped answering. I get the sense I’m being followed in the streets. Last night, there was someone standing across the street just staring up into my apartment window. A few contacts have failed to reply to my messages the last few days, and I’m worried.

So I need your help, hivemind. I’ve designed an algorithm that can decipher the Project Chimera file system, but it’s slow going. I did access another partial image. What is it? What does it have to do with Malcolm Chandler, Tender, and Project Chimera?

Be safe and vigilant.

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