Dolphins: Intelligent, adorable, entertaining, and military spies? While these creatures look innocent on the outside; the public does not see them for what they truly are. Several reports have come out regarding past & present Russian use of military dolphins. The Russian state-run TASS (formerly known as the Telegraph Agency of the Soviet Union) reported a Defense Ministry offer of $24,000 to any broker that could sell 5 dolphins with specific physical requirements for purposes unknown back in 2016.

The TASS notice was quickly taken down after it was published; likely to avoid unveiling restricted information. According to retired Russian colonel Viktor Baranets: Russian dolphins have been used to plant explosives on enemy vessels since at least the 1960s, following the US’s own program during that tense decade. What other devices could they potentially be trained to carry? No other information was disclosed as to how these aquatic assassins are being utilized in active combat today.

Humans are not the most dangerous living weapon out there anymore. You should think twice about throwing Flipper a fish at your next SeaWorld visit!

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