Don’t Believe Your Ears: The Voices Are Real

Imagine a world in which the voices in your head aren’t the type that can barely be kept down with Big Pharma’s toxic pills and expensive treatments. What if that inner-voice isn’t yours at all? Sounds crazy, right? Wrong.

Science (and the military-industrial complex) says otherwise (with lasers)!

Futurism’s exposé of MIT’s research inadvertently shows how those that have reported hearing voices telling them to take up arms against the people they love or stay away from certain areas of interest aren’t just nuts! Hell: They might have the most personal experience with being part of an insidious government experiment than any of us! This isn’t new, either. The government has been testing the application of sonic weapons and unconventional audio transmission since at least the 1980s!

If the powers-that-be want to use advanced tech to secretly implant words into our brains with laser beams; then we need to shout them down and get louder.  Show them that you won’t be influenced! Tell them to go away! We can focus our inner strength and pure force of will against them. Your mind is your own, and you won’t have it any other way!

They want us to be scared, timid, and not able to trust our own minds. The strongest message that we can transmit back to them is to fight back. Science doesn’t account for the power of human tenacity and righteous anger. Use that.

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