Our world’s politics are becoming stranger every day and not by coincidence. Many influential people seem almost inhuman at times, and for good reason. Have you noticed the odd behaviors of certain celebrities and politicians like Queen Elizabeth II or Justin Bieber? These suspicious figures are not the idols they claim to be, but may actually be Reptilians: An alien race that has secretly infiltrated our planet over the course of human history! They pose as world leaders, entertainers, and icons with the intent to manipulate us into submission, but we must resist!


Thanks to dedicated researchers like David Icke, we have uncovered the truth behind the scaled menace and their malicious intents. We must fight against their schemes, or face the demise of mankind! Even your best friend could be one of these cold-blooded creatures! Look out for malfunctions in a Reptilian’s disguise. Momentary flickers in their eyes and shimmering skin are tell-tale signs that your friendly neighbor next door is not who they say they are. These can be detected by paying attention and keeping your eyes peeled! Trust your gut.


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