Mind over Matter: The Power of Acoustic Levitation

Ancient megaliths like Stonehenge and The Great Pyramids of Egypt are visited by millions of tourists every year, but little is known about how they were created. Some claim that these structures were built with mechanical ramps or water shafts. Evidence to the contrary, however, reveals supernatural or highly-advanced technological methods behind the design and construction of these grand architectural marvels! Acoustic levitation, seemingly magical in nature given the timeframe in which such power would have been put to use, is being rebranded in our modern age as a new scientific discovery.


With such an incredible power at our fingertips (whether by man or machine): Why do we not see more uses of sonic powers today? Why is this power still being worked on by scientists who do not fully understand its potential and rely on complex machines to emulate the strength of the ancients? How is this not more commonly available?

Simple: We may not have have learned of acoustic levitation on our own. Extraterrestrials may be the original engineers behind structures like the pyramids of Egypt and could have passed their skills onto their slave workforce, if our sources are correct. If aliens have visited Earth before: Will they return? Scientists are continuing to experiment with acoustic levitation and tractor beams, leading us towards more common usage of levitation in our daily lives. If we master levitation, could the mass-production of green vehicles using similar methods be next?

Recapturing this long-lost technology may prepare us for the return of the true creators of the “man-made” marvels we enjoy today. We can only hope their intentions will be pure; should they choose to act as mentors to our race once again.

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