You may think that AI is an overdone topic to write about nowadays, but there’s a good reason that our articles often cover emerging technologies that might kill us somewhere down the line. Our creations might literally kill us if we are not careful!

Back in February of last year: Prominent ufologist Lisa Moulton Howe reported in a viral video speech that 29 scientists were killed in a robotics lab in Japan in late 2017, and the event was covered up by the powers-that-be!

The Oregonian might be reporting this story with derision and sarcasm, but any report involving a tragic loss of human life is worth looking into (in this writer’s eyes). After all: This supposedly happened on the same day that industrial-grade drones suddenly and repeatedly dive-bombed an airport in London and had to be destroyed with military tactics, so why would the media want to cover up a potentially-connected danger to the public like this? Machines gone mad are a hot topic in modern media, so why squash this news? This is exactly the type of story that needs to be covered in case these allegations turn out to be true!

When the system says to ignore the danger: That’s when you should pay attention.

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