Tender: Its Spreading Influence

Tender has caught on like a wildfire. Press, (here and here) social media (here), forums…. Hundreds of thousands of people are drinking the Kool-Aid, and this makes me sick.

More than 150 people answered my call for help. I am simultaneously excited and troubled that 20% of you have night vision equipment. You are much more prepared than me!

I have gathered more information about the exact details of this meeting…

Tender plans to organized a controlled test group on the 23rd. These are 4-hour sessions where they will monitor your biometric data while using Tender, and, based on the result, their algorithm will assemble you into two groups that have to tackle and escape the room.

These locations have accumulated hundreds and thousands of group escapes, so I assume they plan to see how the Tender algorithm can match people into perfect groups. Imagine the good this tech could do for the world. I guarantee you Tender has no such benevolent goals.

One of my insiders at Tender will be at this event. He has critical intel that he wants to give, and this will be the chance to make the exchange.

Next week they will start to send invitations — invitations that I plan to intercept. I need to cut it down to 10 trusted volunteers who will not fail this task. As soon as I have intercepted the invitations, I will add you to the guest list. I have added new questions to the survey to help with this process.

IF YOU ARE ABLE TO HELP and want to join the event, online or on-site in New York, please fill out this form.

My decryption of Project Chimera is slowing down. I may skip to one of the video files and see if we can get a couple of frames. 3fd521e4 is now fully decrypted. As always, I will keep you all apprised of my progress.

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