We’ve talked about the potential that we humans have inside of us; especially knowledge and technology potentially given by our original extraterrestrial creators; but we haven’t had confirmation that genetic engineering led to the design that humanity arose from until now!


Dr. Maxim A. Makukov and Vladimir Shcherbak’s work on the Human Genome Project, so they must know what’s really going on in the upper echoelons of the scientific community! Their conclusions about our origins and what may be hidden in our genes is invaluable to finding more about what evolution really is!

When this work is published in a peer-reviewed journal like Cambridge University Press: We can finally see that our way of thinking is much more on-point than the mainstream media portrays it as. Shcherback has been writing about this hidden part of our genetic makeup for years, so he definitely knows a thing or two about how odd this phenomena is. It’s not out of the question that humanity could have been “tagged” by our designers so they can seek us out later, and he stumbled upon it.

When we have mathematical codes hidden within us that mark us as “human”: Our creation is definitely more than a random happy accident. I’ll be excited to see whoever made us return to see the beautiful results of their work!

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