Organ Trafficking: Not All In One Piece?

Strange and disturbing events happen all the time! That’s why we call them strange in the first place: You don’t see a dead man every day, right? Even stranger: You don’t see a dead man being carted home without most of his organs, right?
This is sick. One would think that killing a man for his organs would be disgusting enough; but sending the mutilated remains back to his wife and child is simply too much. The sad part is: This isn’t the first time that people have been killed abroad and sent back home with body parts missing, and some international officials have revealed that this has happened under their watch before.

Why did the police say that this man died of “natural causes”? Are the authorities in on it like the incident in Israel? Is there a larger web of organ traffickers pulling the strings for their deranged buyers?

Something bigger is going on than a dead man weighing less than when he lived. Travel in groups. Avoid people who are not familiar when abroad. If you’re planning on traveling: We sincerely hope that you get home safe and all in one piece!

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