Tender: Digging in

My contact didn’t disappoint me. Thanks to your help, we managed to uncover quite a lot. I need to learn more about this Regent Dashboard and the feature Malcolm refers to.

300 people will receive a VIP invitation to this event. It’s a big occasion. Whatever the Regent Dashboard is, it’s important enough for my contact to risk his cover. We need to connect the dots on all of this. How does it all tie together?

It’s time that we talk — you know who you are. I’ve added a new mission to your Tender App that will let you reach me. Well, a ‘version 1.0’ of me. A version of myself uploaded to the Tender platform. I may not always be able to answer you directly, though. I hacked into their system, but they are careful, and things are touch-and-go. If my answer makes no sense when we speak, change the subject.

To prove that you are a Trust No More member, you will be challenged with 3 quests. All answers can be found on Trust No More.

Good luck.

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