Ancestry Databases Sell Out To Big Pharma?

We all want control over our lives. That’s the best part of living in a free society: We can pick and choose what we do, when we do it, and damn the consequences if others don’t like it! When that liberty is undermined: We get mad. When our biological freedom is threatened: So is our free will! Our bodies are our own, no matter what the corporations say!

Companies making deals like this make me sick, and it should worry you that they are so focused on profits over the safety and security of their customers. We’re not just data: We’re people! This happened back in July; but the damage has already been done to their reputation in my mind. Hell: I’m cancelling my order for one of their genetic testing kits now (and you should too)!

Aside from taking our autonomy away: They’re probably scamming us out of our hard-earned savings too! Isn’t it strange that they’re almost always selling you something to “fix” you? What’s guaranteeing that they really have the solution, anyway? When they try to tell you that something’s wrong with your mind: Tell them to fix themselves first!

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