Humanzees: Soviet Science Gone Wrong

Scientists are still debating whether mankind shares a close cousin with primates, but I’m not totally convinced. I’m not one to call myself a monkey’s uncle, so you know that I’m not in the pocket of big business and the coven of evolutionists who insist that we’re not the children of a higher power.

That said: We might have already witnessed a new connection to the creatures that we look down on as inferior animals. The powers-that-be just don’t want you to know about them!

Dr. Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov and his team managed to create a human chimp hybrid (or “Humanzee”) all the way back in 1926! With announcements about cloning and human genetic modification being all the rage over the past decade: How did this information pass us by with such little fanfare?

With the Soviet Union no longer in existence: The world may never know. If any of our readers have information on these experiments or other potential leads on human-animal hybrids: Keep digging! We might find further evidence that these experiments bore more fruit than originally reported.

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