Tender: Strange Venue

My investigation into the insidious activities of Tender have taken me on a twisting path. One way or another, that path leads to, and perhaps ends in, San Francisco on March 21st. That night, Tender will celebrate its launch with a lavish party. The venue is the Folsom Street Foundry. On the surface, it appears to be a popular event venue, but we all know what sorts of things can writhe and crawl beneath a normal-looking surface.

The building has an interesting, and I suspect partially covered-up, history. I know the building itself has been a warehouse and a slaughterhouse, but I need to know more. Strange rumors float around that structure, but little is substantiated. I’ve made some wonderful allies recently, particularly from those who read Trust No More — resourceful minds hungry for the truth. I’m reaching out to those minds right now. What can we find out about this building? What can I expect on the 21st?


There has been a development regarding the venue for the upcoming Tender launch party. An EVP recording has surfaced online. Supposedly, it was recorded within the walls of the building in question. For those who don’t know, electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found in electronic recordings that some ghost hunters interpret as the voice of spirits or other entities. Lately, I’ve had reason to keep a more open mind. I must admit, I find this recording intriguing. What do you all make of it?

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