FROM: Whisper Division
TO: FIRSTLIGHT General Distribution

SUBJECT: Recording E-772 (excerpt)

The recent batch of recordings are still being transcribed. We’ve highlighted this small excerpt for consideration — a conversation between two confirmed blankbodies. An audio anomaly distorts the voice of one of the subjects beyond recognition. The audio files are currently being worked on to see if that distortion might be cleaned up. Full transcripts to follow.


Blankbody #1: Entertaining? Sure. But I don’t like it.

Blankbody #2: [distorted voice]

Blankbody #1: Precisely. Why hasn’t anyone stopped him, eh? 

Blankbody #2: [distorted voice]

Blankbody #1: That’s what I’m saying. A regnant-bereft ghoul teasing and taunting on the internet, pawing us with this ludicrous market. And during these times! London. Vienna. Fully-toothed whelps are getting dusted for less. So I ask again, why hasn’t anyone stopped him?

Blankbody #2: [distorted voice]

Blankbody #1: Or… or he has support. A shadow patron. Maybe he knows about it, maybe he doesn’t, but I think someone is protecting him.

Blankbody #2: [distorted voice]

Blankbody #1: Ever watch footage of aquatic predators circling? The pattern breaks and they flit away when something bigger comes along. So what has the rest of us subconsciously shying away from this ghoul and giving him a wide berth?

Blankbody #2: [distorted voice]

Blankbody #1:[chuckles] There’s a thought to keep you up during the day.

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