Welcome to Trust No More. This is our manifesto and mission statement.

The short version: Get angry. Seek the truth.

The longer version: We’re waking up sleepers and giving them the support and tools to wake up other sleepers in turn. We are here to cure the disease of complacency. Society and the shadow state have infected you with it.

Already, you might be rolling your eyes. That’s your skeptical mind. Keep that. Keep it sharp. You’ll need it. But read the next few sentences with an open mind.

Have you ever felt frustration at vague forces that seem to control your life? Ever experience inexplicable dread, a flash of danger, the sense of being watched? Are you sometimes suspicious of your memory, ability to focus, or resist small conditioned behaviors? You want to rage or rant against something you can’t explain. But you don’t. You don’t want to look crazy.

That’s not crazy. That’s your WILL resisting the programming. Trust nothing.

Things go smoothly when we don’t resist. When we stay on the well-oiled tracks society gives us. We are conditioned to be polite, to feel anxiety at causing a scene. We ignore our survival instincts. Most modern people would follow a serial killer into his parlor, if they couldn’t find a polite, reasonable pretext to leave. We fear embarrassment more than death. Our sense of self-preservation is polluted, perverted. Our WILL becomes a vestigial organ.

When we try to get off the well-oiled tracks, we look jerky, erratic, insane. When we resist the programming, we look like jerks. We look unhinged. This is by design.

Trust nothing.

We hesitate to use the term "conspiracy theory", because media has loaded that phrase to instantly make anyone look unreliable and silly, without even assessing the varsity of their statements. The rational mind instantly shuts off when it hears these words.

"Conspiracy" simply means a group of individuals who work towards some goal or plot. Happens every day. Likewise, the shadow state has cultivated the more recent term "creepypasta". To be sure, most of the horror micro-fictions under this label are indeed fiction, but the term is designed to camouflage certain, strange events and testimonies that the-powers-that-be want you to ignore.

In the information age, the shadow state does not hide. It inundates. They don't care if you see the information, just that you don't take it seriously — that you find the data, but find so much more data that apathy puts you into a coma. Conspiracies grow like a fungus in the shadow of our complacency.

On this website, we try to give every story a fare shake, to use our skeptical minds to pluck the truths out. You might read about such topics as:

mind control
cults and secret societies
media and the internet
ruling bloodlines
UFOs (and what hides behind that mythos)
genetic engineering
plans for global depopulation
weird phenomenon

Kill the fungus.

Get angry if that is what it takes. That is the first defiance. Finding the truth means you must buck the well-oiled tracks. It's difficult and awkward, but there is truth on the other side.

Here at Trust No More, we'll give you the tools to fight the programing. We'll give you strategies for convincing skeptics. Your autonomy begins here. Your true autonomy starts the moment you realize your autonomy is compromised.

Not all stories that reach this site are under our ideal and stringent standards of journalism. That is because we are working against forces that don't want this information broadcast. Mainstream media refuses to touch this. We have to throw it all against the wall and see what sticks. Every story has a fragment of truth. Every fragment gives context. Truth is raw and raggedy.

Psychologically, people can only handle disturbing thoughts in small doses. Taken all at once, the mind rejects it. Ease into it at your own pace.

Trust nothing. Fight the programming. Seek the truth.

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